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Intelligent Instinct

Intelligent Instinct

Intelligent Instinct®​ is a new system of thinking. It recognises that we each have four intelligences to draw from when responding to problems, looking for opportunities or taking difficult decisions. These are depth analysis, expert intuition, link analysis and lateral intuition.

While we have a unique ability to use and connect all four intelligences, we rarely do.  Business tends to focus on linear thinking, drawing on depth analysis and expert intuition. Intelligent Instinct challenges business to go beyond their usual, narrow and linear thinking, to extend further into lateral thinking. To make more of link analysis and lateral intuition.

Intelligent Instinct takes the best of each of our four intelligences and connects them together instinctively. It equips and enables business to unlock new breakthroughs, draw out untapped potential and resolve the unspoken tug of war between analysis and intuition.

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