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Stakeholders United?

By Gary Austin 18.07.2013
British football’s masterclass in stakeholder (mis)alignment Organisations do best when all stakeholders thrive, not just one... Read more

Why it pays to invite people to the innovation party

Think about why you love books. Is it browsing the shelves in the bookshop? The smell of a new edition? The way they age?  The... Read more

Tortoise or hare?

By Dawn Smith 18.07.2013
There’s a book I kept hearing about.  It’s ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’, by Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman.   Given this, I... Read more

What unites baseball, flu and the LA police? Big Data.

By Dawn Smith 18.07.2013
There are three examples I find particularly useful when thinking about Big Data: 1)      Moneyball: The Art of Winning an... Read more

Drink coffee, share the sandbox: Collaborate

By Dawn Smith 17.07.2013
We live in a world where collaboration is the way of life. It’s all about connections and we’re making more than ever. We’ve... Read more