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Don’t duck away from new ideas

By Jonathan Salisbury 12.12.2014
When I worked as a supermarket buyer in the 1990s, it was usual to have more suppliers in a category than we actually needed.... Read more

Capitalism: Great economically, but psychologically?

By Dawn Smith 21.11.2014
We are ‘In a Psychological century’ where we need a capitalist system that is better at guiding people to realise and achieve... Read more

Life is a cabaret...

By Gary Austin 19.11.2014
I’ve just returned from a week’s holiday with the family in the Costa del Sol. We stayed in a fairly typical resort hotel, all... Read more

Of mice and cheese

By Lucy James 19.11.2014
Why everything isn't always as it seems: Three mice sit around staring at a large piece of cheese. Each has been asked to... Read more

Watching paint dry

By Dawn Smith 21.10.2014
Architect Will Alsop appeared on stage. Without saying a word he picked up a pot of blue paint and a brush. Silently, he turned... Read more