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Joys and perils of ambition

By Dawn Smith 13.02.2015
Ambition can be joyous or perilous.  What determines this?  Oliver James – clinical psychologist, writer and broadcaster -... Read more

A soulful revolution

By Alex Rees 30.01.2015
Organisations are ready to take a leap into the next age of management, that’s according to Frederic Laloux, an advisor and... Read more

Leadership in times of change

By Dawn Smith 30.01.2015
With a diverse panel discussing leadership, there is inevitably diverse opinion.  However, there was one underlying theme... Read more

Capitalism: Great economically, but psychologically?

By Dawn Smith 21.11.2014
We are ‘In a Psychological century’ where we need a capitalist system that is better at guiding people to realise and achieve... Read more

Don’t duck away from new ideas

By Jonathan Salisbury 12.12.2013
When I worked as a supermarket buyer in the 1990s, it was usual to have more suppliers in a category than we actually needed.... Read more