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Challenging the immovable

By Jonathan Salisbury 04.01.2016
Taking children to an art exhibition is often a strange mixture of nerve-racking and inspiring.  The “Do Not Touch” signs and... Read more

Sharing ideas

By Alex Rees 08.12.2015
At 100%Cotton, we were interested to watch a recent interview with Gillian Tett, Financial Times' managing editor, on her new... Read more

It's a no brainer

By Dawn Smith 04.09.2015
Most people think the brain can be best explained through its two hemispheres.  There’s the left brain which lays claim to... Read more

Making happiness work

By Dawn Smith 23.02.2015
We are emotional creatures.  Our emotions help us thrive and survive.  We are successful when we tune to our emotions; whether... Read more

Joys and perils of ambition

By Dawn Smith 13.02.2015
Ambition can be joyous or perilous.  What determines this?  Oliver James – clinical psychologist, writer and broadcaster -... Read more