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Why we are all built to make connections

By Alex Rees 20.07.2017
What do you see when you look at this painting below? Vertumnus by Giuseppe Arcimboldo   Fruit? Some vegetables? A face?... Read more

What makes up your mind?

By Dawn Smith 23.08.2016
Lots of good things come in fours.  The Beatles, the four-leaf clover, the four seasons… And taking the seasons, it’s the four... Read more

Mastering the sequel to creativity

By Alex Rees 03.05.2016
Whether it’s about inventing something totally new or taking existing pieces and rearranging them in new ways, creativity is a... Read more

The grit that makes the pearl

By Dawn Smith 14.04.2016
Conflict between people and groups of people is inevitable, often necessary and deeply part of being human.  Without it, people... Read more

Heads-up rugby

By Jonathan Salisbury 30.03.2016
Early in the recent 6 Nations rugby tournament, the former player and commentator Jeremy Guscott saw signs of promise in the... Read more