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Yeo Valley

Yeo Valley

"100%Cotton are one of the few agencies who understand how retailers tick and the importance of winning their hearts and minds as well as those of consumers." Dan Rusga, Marketing Director, Yeo Valley, Research.

We have been working with Yeo Valley to develop a compelling retail strategy which unlocks the full potential for their own label and brand business.

Our start point? Having the right conversations with the right people.  We needed to really listen in to differing viewpoints, hold diverse opinions together and engage with key stakeholders to define a strategy that would really work.  It allowed us to recognise and access the right information needed - commercial data, previous initiatives and existing research – and the right approach necessary to get to a defining breakthrough.

The result? A strategy delivering for the customer, retailer, manufacturer and brand owner. Diverse parties connected through a shared idea – acting as a linchpin. And a new space in the category with quantified opportunities; keeping everyone focused on the vital few game changers, rather than the many distractors.