Releasing intelligence is at the heart of leadership

Our approach

Our approach


Making breakthroughs starts with people, and how people think. Intelligent Instinct® overcomes 3 significant challenges:

Challenge 1: When intelligence is disconnected

All too often we see an unspoken tug of war within people and business - whether to lead with gut feel or analysis? 

Intelligent Instinct® holds information and intuition together to connect intelligence.

Challenge 2: When intelligence is biased

We see thinking go wrong when people aren’t aware of the bias in their thinking, and their over-reliance on a narrow set of sources.  

Intelligent Instinct® counters bias and maximizes the brilliance of all 4 thinking strategies, to drive for diversity and equip people to trust their thinking.

Challenge 3: When intelligence is untapped

We've identified that 55% of the full capacity of people’s thinking is currently being used (from our UK Benchmark study).

Intelligent Instinct® expand people’s thinking to release their full potential.