What makes us different?

Our approach

Our approach


We work with how the brain works best

When cognitive science meets business - to release the brilliance and counter the bias of our thinking to make breakthroughs.

Our Intelligent Instinct® system is the first of its kind to connect the analytical and explicit, with the intuitive and unconscious.

We embrace complexity

We understand the challenges and opportunities that change brings for leaders and organisations. We untangle complex needs to make breakthroughs.

We are true to our name

One of the first questions we’re often asked is ‘Why are you called 100%Cotton?’. No, we don’t make t-shirts.

Our name encompasses significant core values that matter;

  • Weaving: our core approach is to connect diverse and disparate strands together, to get to a coherent, stronger understanding.
  • Integrity: our research-driven integrity means we value being open-minded and having a healthy dose of humility.
  • Enduring: we lead on our business passion to create transformative breakthroughs that last and endure.

We start and end with you

You’re the experts on your business. We work closely with you to co-create value and make breakthrough solutions that truly make a difference.